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July 2007



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Jul. 9th, 2007



(no subject)

Title: The Tin Star
Author: J.L. Langley
Genre: Cowboy romance! (modern time)

Why you recommend this book: I was looking for a nice romance and this totally fit the bill. Lots of plot to go along with the sex. I've probably read this at least ten times.

Summary stolen from amazon: When James Killian comes out to his father, he finds himself banished from his home and fired from his job. His savior comes in the unlikely form of Ethan Whitehall, his older brother's best friend. Ethan has always had a soft spot where Jamie Killian was concerned, and he will do whatever it takes to keep his new lover safe.

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Jul. 5th, 2007




Title: The Pagan series: the originals are titled Pagan's Crusade, Pagan in Exile, and Pagan's Vows.  The sequels are Pagan's Scribe and Pagan's Daughter
Author: Catherine Jinks
Genre: (Drama, comedy, suspense, fantasy, etc.): historical, drama
Special note:  It's not actually gay themed. It is however, hugely 'slashy' and homoerotic.  I seriously do not know how she didn't notice this when she wrote it. I'm almost convinced she did it deliberately. There is one actual gay  character  in it though.
Why you recommend this book: It has an absolutely beautiful relationship between the main character and his knight. Not actually gay, apparently. But... they really do love each other, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was potential for more there. It's also really snarky funny, can be hugely sad, but also incredibly sweet. The historical aspect is fascinating too. It's young adult but it's dark for it, and adults will enjoy it too.

Summary (I hope you don't mind I'm posting one). Pagan Kidrouk is 16 in the first book.  He is a mixed race boy, brought up in a monastery. Now he is in debt and living on the street, in the 1180s, in Jerusalem at the start of the Crusades. Out of desperation, he joins the Knights Templar as a squire, and is paired up with  Roland, a french nobleman who Pagan describes as a 'stained glass window of Saint George'. Ie, pretty, heroic looking, a martyr, but also quite cold and silent. Pagan is  talkative, insubordinate, snarky. And they strike  up a friendship.

Jul. 4th, 2007

to infinity and beyond!


The Persian Boy by Mary Renault

Title: The Persian Boy
Author: Mary Renault
Genre: Historical Fiction
Special note: n/a
Why you recommend this book: The Persian Boy is narrated by Bagoas - a young Persian boy who is captured, castrated, enslaved and, eventually, servant to (and lover of) Alexander The Great. It's a love story if I've ever read one and it's all the more interesting for the backdrop.

No warnings but note about whether or not it's a happy endingCollapse )